Microsoft Excel Essentials Part 4

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Spam! It's not just for breakfast anymore. When working with huge amounts of data, Sort & Filter is an essential part of a nutritious breakfast. Well maybe not, but it can help you find data quickly!



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Techy Fact

One-hundred-sixty-billion emails are sent daily, and 97% of them are spam (a garbage email or advertisement). It's like junk mail, but in your inbox, and there is a lot more of it. That's way too much garbage for my inbox! Ask your parent to count how many emails they got today. Then ask how may of those are spam. I bet you will be surprised by how many they get every day!

This lesson will not only teach you how to send tons of emails to your friends and family, but also how to do math in Excel!

Microsoft Excel is a great program for creating all kinds of spreadsheets, graphs, and charts.

In this series, you were taught how to change basic formatting in your spreadsheet and get creative with how it looks. (If you need to revist any of the previous Related Lessons, you can find them in the right-hand sidebar.)

Now we will learn how to add filters and manage spreadsheets. We will also explore the Find option, as well as perform basic mathematical calculations. Who knows, by the end of the lessons you may want to create a spreadsheet that calculates the number of junk emails sent to your parent, teacher, or friend each day!

Let's get started.

Using the same spreadsheet you created and edited in Related Lessons 1, 2, and 3, we will explore a few more tools to help you create dynamic and useful spreadsheets.

Check out this video to learn more Excel features and functions, Microsoft Excel Essentials Part 4:

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Now that you have learned some fun new things, I bet you can't wait to try them!

Before you do, if you need to, practice your typing skills with these free sites:

You have been practicing your typing for a while now, so maybe set a goal for your typing skills or your words per minute! Keep track and see how much faster you are getting! (There's a use for a spreadsheet!)

Great job! You have a great basic understanding of Microsoft Excel, so let's review a few things, learn a few more, and get back to work on those spreadsheets!

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