Microsoft Excel Essentials Part 3

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Drag-and-drop is not the name of an exotic soup; it's one of Excel's unique automatic features. Excel performs calculations in the blink of an eye and may even consign your calculator to the boneyard!



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Techy Fact

The average computer user blinks seven times a minute, less than half the normal rate of 20 blinks per minute. So apparently, when we look at a computer screen, our eyes don't need to blink as often. I wonder why ...

Microsoft Excel has many uses and, in school, it can be a great tool for studying and keeping track of data.

In the spreadsheet you have been creating while watching the Prezi presentations in the previous Related Lessons, the data could be very useful when learning about different states or people or countries. (If you need to revisit a Related Lesson, you can find them in the right-hand sidebar.)

What about all the many wars our world has had? You could keep a sheet for each war so you can keep them all straight, and have a location to refer to when trying to recall facts and dates.

Here is another presentation with even more information on the exciting things you can do in the Excel environment. Check out this Microsoft Excel Essentials Part 3 video to learn about Microsoft Excel:

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Math can be fun!

Excel can be useful for mathematical equations, as well as discovering relationships between numbers. In many instances, Excel could take the place of a very fancy calculator, and many people use it as such in their everyday work.

Speaking of work, typing skills are ESSENTIAL in today's world!

Wade a little deeper into Excel with the following exercise!

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