Prefix: Lesson 3

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Are you becoming a pro-fessional in the use of pre-fixes yet? We pre-dict you will enjoy and learn from the online skills and matching games, chart, and what you've studied so far to master pre-fixes!



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Look at the image of the propeller on the plane. The prefix "pro" in the word "propeller" means "forward." Based on what you know, the picture, and the meaning of the prefix "pro," what does the word "propeller" mean?

plane propeller

In the first Related Lesson of our Prefix series, found in the right-hand sidebar, you were introduced to prefixes.

You have explored the meaning of a few prefixes. In this lesson, you will explore more prefixes and their meanings.

You explored the prefix "ex" in the previous Related Lesson. In this lesson, you will be introduced to the prefix "e."

"E" is another form of the prefix "ex."

Before we learn more about our new prefix, let's review how prefixes work with stand-alone and root words.

Look at the word "remake."

If you take away the prefix "re" what is left? "Make."

Is "make" a word? Yes.

Remember that sometimes a prefix is added before a word that can stand alone.

Now look at the word "predict."

If you take away the prefix "pre," what is left? "dict."

Is "dict" a word? No, it is a Latin root word.

Remember that prefixes are also added to a word part called a root. A Latin root is a part of a word that has meaning but usually has a prefix or suffix with it.

The Latin root "dict" means "speak." The prefix "pre" means "before." So if you combine "pre" and "dict," what does predict mean? Yes, predict means "to speak before something happens."

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