Patterns with Ordered Pairs

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The Fibonacci Sequence! Inukshuks! Flowers! Interested? Watch a talking pig and other videos, study online examples, and make a T-chart to learn about graphing helpful mathematical rules and patterns!


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Many patterns are made from math.

  • Looking at the three pictures below, which ones do you think show a mathematical pattern?

  • The first and last pictures obviously show a math connection, but what about the middle picture?

The middle picture is a shell following the Fibonacci Sequence. Check out the Fibonacci Sequence when you get a chance — it is fascinating to see how much math plays a role in nature!

This The Fibonacci: Nature's Code video is a great intro to the code, if you are interested:

One way to more easily see patterns in math is to create a graph.

Today, you are going to review how to make ordered pairs and graph their points to determine the pattern.

This Generating Numerical Patterns and Forming Ordered Pairs by Using Rules video contains a man who is pretty silly, but he shows you how to create ordered pairs and see their pattern:

In the video, you saw the man create a rule and make a T-chart. Besides the rule to not eat pork, what was his rule written on the whiteboard?

  • Rule 2 was "add 7."
  • Rule 3 was "multiply by 4."

When you see the word "rule" in math, it means take the input (the number you start with) and apply the rule to then get the output (result). To keep the input and output numbers clear, we use a T-chart.

Work through the following problem:

Now, continue on to the Got It? section to learn how to predict the future (sort of)!

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