Lord of the Flies: Themes

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What's the big idea? Sometimes that's an ominous question from a parent! In literature, there's a big idea, a theme, the main point the story gets across about life. Theme is the theme of this lesson!


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So, what does all this mean? What is the meaning of this book?

Welcome back for the final lesson on Lord of the Flies!

We have looked at everything, from conflict to symbolism to mood. If you need to review, find the previous Related Lessons in the right-hand sidebar.

The final lesson will focus on the themes found within the novel.

Theme is the underlying meaning of a literary work. It is sometimes stated directly, but more often is explained in an indirect manner. Usually, the theme ties different works on literature together, because themes can be the same across different works. It is also possible for a work of literature to have more than one theme.

For more information on theme, watch the following videos:

Themes by Shmoop:

How to Find The Theme of A Story, by Jason Lineberger, M.A., English:

Lord of the Flies - Themes, from eNotes Video Study Guide:

"Lord of the Flies" THEMES — 60second Recap®:


As you can see, literary works often have multiple themes.

The videos above clarify four different themes that are prevalent in Lord of the Flies, and you may even be able to think of more!

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