Decimal Place Value

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What's the difference between $1.00 and $10.00? Plenty, depending on where the decimal point is! A clever video review of place value, and lots of fun online games teach you about decimal place value!



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Do you know what the decimal point means in the number above?

A decimal point in a number separates the whole number from the fractional part of the number!

Can you think of where you have seen decimal numbers before?

Come up with a list and share it with your teacher or parent.

If you are going to learn about numbers with decimals, you need a refresher on place value! Watch this awesome video, provided by Math Antics on Youtube, to review place value!


Now read through this page called Decimal Point on You can have your teacher or parent read through it with you, if you want. Click on the blue "more ..." link to learn more about decimal numbers.

Finally, just take a quick look at this page called Place Values of Decimals on the site. It has really nicely labeled decimal numbers. You can reference this later to help you on some of the following activities and quizzes.

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