Microsoft Excel Basics Part 4

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You'll need a spreadsheet to store all the things you've learned about Excel! In this final Basic lesson, you'll watch the videos, practice, and learn more tips on making an Excel-lent spreadsheet!



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Techy Fact

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Microsoft Excel is the most-used software for creating spreadsheets, doing complicated math, and keeping track of numbers and information.

In this series of Related Lessons, found in the right-hand sidebar, you have explored Microsoft Excel and how to use it, how to do basic formatting, and how to create useful, organized information.

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Microsoft Excel is a great program for creating all kinds of spreadsheets, graphs, and charts.

In this series, you were taught how to change basic formatting in your spreadsheet, and how to be creative with how it looks; now we need to be sure you can save and print your file. What good is a file if you can't open it tomorrow and make changes and print it? Now is the time to learn those skills!

First we should work on some typing skills. Check out a few of these free typing websites to help build your skills:

You have a great basic understanding of Microsoft Excel, so let's review a few things and make sure you can save and print your spreadsheets.

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