Microsoft Word Basics Part 3

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Can you center your attention on this lesson to see where it is heading? You'll learn faster than a speeding bullet about more Word features as you practice formatting text to highlight your skills!


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Did you know that it would take three and a half hours to pronounce the longest English word? It is 189,819 letters long! You won't be typing that word in this lesson, but you will learn how to create a heading, center your text, space out your lines, and add bullets to your documents in Microsoft Word!

In Parts 1 and 2 of this series (Related Lessons in the right-hand sidebar), you explored different fonts and sizes, adding shapes, changing font colors, and highlighting, as well as using bold, italicize and underline.

Your documents are probably starting to look pretty cool, and you may want to do even more with them! In this lesson, you will explore adding headings, centering your text, line spacing, and adding bullet points. These skills will create an even more spectacular document!

Check out this video, Microsoft Word Basics Part 3:

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Microsoft Word can be used for so many things. Now is your chance to try on your own! Remember to use your skills you learned in Parts 1 and 2. Change your font, size, and color. You could also use the bold, italicize, and underline. Don't forget to highlight, and even add a picture here and there!

We should practice some typing skills (so we can learn the longest word in the English language!). Check out a few of these free typing websites to help build your skills:

Now it's your turn! Let's see your awesome Microsoft Word skills!

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