Microsoft Word Basics Part 2

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Are you "bold" enough to type a letter to your favorite author? A couple good videos and typing practice help you learn how to format words in Word, underline your skills, and highlight your talents!


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Did you know that the fastest typist in the world can type 212 words per minute?! WOW! That's quick! That is three and a half words every second! After this lesson, you might not type any faster, but you will know how to create a document that will look unique!


In Part 1 of this series (Related Lessons in the right-hand sidebar), you explored Microsoft Word and its basic capabilities.

In that lesson, you discovered changing fonts, font sizes, adding shapes, and exploring how to create a document. Can you see how this will be useful to you for creating things for school?

In Part 2, you will learn how to change the font color, highlight your text, and use bold, italicize, and underline as tools to help make your document more interesting.

Check out this video, Microsoft Word Basics Part 2:


Creating documents in Microsoft Word can be fun and exciting, but first, you should work on some typing skills (so that you can catch the world’s fastest typist!). Check out a few of these free typing websites to help build your skills:

Now it's your turn to do some typing in a Word document!

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