Microsoft PowerPoint Basics Part 1

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___Tube is waiting for YOU! You can create interesting presentations using PowerPoint. Watch this kids' introduction video and a PowerPoint lesson, then start your own presentation! You might go viral


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Techy Fact

Every minute, 10 hours of videos are uploaded on YouTube. That's 14,400 HOURS of videos daily, and 5,256,000 every year! Wow! Our Internet is FULL of interesting and useful things to watch!

In this lesson, we will explore Microsoft PowerPoint and what interesting and useful presentations you can create!

Microsoft PowerPoint is a software program that allows the user (you!) to create presentations.

This program is great for school projects and work presentations. People use PowerPoint every day at work in all different kinds of jobs, and teachers use it all the time as a fun way to show students a new skill or review things already learned.

In this lesson, you will begin by creating a 2-slide presentation. In the Related Lessons of this Microsoft PowerPoint Basics series, found in the right-hand sidebar,  you will build onto that presentation, and continue learning and creating. You will be amazed by all the cool things PowerPoint can do!

Watch Microsoft PowerPoint Basics Part 1 (below) created using PowerPoint! 

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