Prayer Force: Why Pray?

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How do we know God hears our prayer? Why would He hear our prayer? Why does He care? In the book of Hebrews, we see Jesus, our Great High Priest, bringing our prayers to God so we can know Him better!



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"I'll pray for you." Who hasn't flippantly said that and gone on to forget, or just mumbled a stock prayer? If God knows everything, what's the point of praying? If these thoughts trouble you, let's examine some reasons for developing a prayer life.

To get some insight into why we should pray, let's read Hebrews 4:14–16:

According to this passage, prayer is the:

  1. Proof and Power of Our Faith (v. 14c)
    1. If we believe, we pray.
      1. What is it we must believe? We must truly believe that Jesus Christ is our Great High Priest. In Old Testament Israel, the High Priest interceded for the people before God. We can be confident that Jesus intercedes for us (See John 14:12–14).
      2. We must also believe that Jesus is the Son of God, which means he IS God and, therefore, is in complete agreement with, and has a perfect relationship with, the Father (See John 11:42).
    2. If we pray, we believe (Jude 20-21). People who are part of the "most holy faith" show their faith in God by praying. Prayer helps to build up faith, develop a love for God, and prepare us for the coming of Christ and eternal life.
  2. Portal of Our Perspective (v. 14a) — We see Jesus for who he is.
    1. Jesus is supreme: He is the Great High Priest, the only one who is face-to-face with God.
    2. Jesus is sympathetic: Because he lived on earth as a real human and shared our sorrows, he understands and sympathizes and empathizes with everything we go through.
    3. Jesus is merciful: Because of our sinful nature, we need someone to show us mercy and forgive our sins. Mercy is not getting the judgement we deserve.
    4. Jesus is magnanimous: Because we are weak, we need someone who can truly help us in any and every situation. Grace is getting the good things we do not deserve.
  3. Profession of our Need (v. 16b) — We are entirely dependent upon God. We can never think we can get along without Him, especially in time of need.

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