Build a Better Bike 4 - Solid Figures

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Ready to ride a Better Bike? You will be after completing this fourth lesson in the Build a Better Bike geometry series! Online slides and games about solid figures provide a solid, practical lesson!



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Lesson Plan - Get It!


What did the cube say to the rectangular prism?

"Why the long face?"

Solid figures are everywhere in everyday life!

In this lesson, you will learn how to identify solid figures by watching an online slideshow, exploring online resources, and finally putting the finishing touches on your new bicycle!

This lesson is the fourth and final in a series of geometry lessons that allow you to design or build a bike (If you have not completed the first, second, and third lessons in the Build a Better Bike series, go to Related Lessons in the right-hand sidebar and do them now.).

Each lesson in the series presents a new geometry concept and adds to the design of the bicycle in the Go! section. Complete each lesson in the series in the proper order so you don't miss building part of the bike!

Each lesson presents the concept in the Get It! section with a video, slideshow, or interactive. The Got It? section contains review and an opportunity to practice the concept. The Go! section challenges you to add parts to your bicycle based on your new knowledge and skills.

  1. Use the Scholastic StudyJams! Solid Figures slideshow to learn about different types of solid figures. Click on the green Slide Show button to begin.
  2. Take the brief quiz at the end of the slideshow to test your knowledge. Click on the blue Test Yourself button on the opening page.

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