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Mexico has had its share of heroes and villains! It had advanced ancient cultures that just disappeared! Travel Mexican history with videos and online articles and timelines, and make a Mexican flag!


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From the native past, to the Spanish conquest, to the Mexico that we know today, Mexico has a rich history full of stories of both defeat and triumph. The Olmec, the Mayans, the Aztecs, and the Spanish are some of the people groups who make up the stories of Mexico's history!

The Olmec, the Mayans (or Maya), and the Aztecs are the most notable native groups who inhabited Mexico before Spanish conquest.

Read a short review of each group at

The natives were eventually conquered by Spanish explorers.

At the website, read the article History of Mexico. Stop reading when you get to the "Facts & Figures" section. As you read, fill out the notes pages below.

Next, click through the timeline at the SoftSchools site: Mexico Timeline.

Review what you've read by viewing these videos:

The History of Mexico | History Lists | History:


The Mayans Got IT Done:


Ask History: What Happened to the Aztecs?

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