What's in a Sentence?

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This is a major lesson on how to write stuff that people want to read and you can be a big-time writer . . . Let's just say "It's a great writing lesson!" Learn to get your point across with variety!



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You are beautiful! You are a human being whose appearance is visually pleasing to the human eye! Sometimes, short and sweet sentences are the best way to get your point across as a writer.

The sentences "You are beautiful" and "You are a human being whose appearance is visually pleasing to the human eye" are sentences that mean the same thing.

While the second sentence is longer and contains bigger words, the feeling behind what it means is not as obvious with this longer sentence. Sometimes, a shorter sentence that makes a point clear is a better fit in writing. Being able to mix shorter and longer sentences — and create variety — is part of Author's Craft.

Author's Craft, in its most basic definition, is how a writer writes. It is the different elements and techniques that an author uses to make his or her writing more engaging to the reader.

There are many elements that can be a part of author's craft. Some elements of Author's Craft are stylistic, while others are structural. You may notice some of these techniques as a reader, or try to use them to make your writing better.

Watch the following videos to learn more about author's craft:

After watching this Author's Craftvideo, discuss three techniques you learned with your parent or teacher:

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Sentence Variety:

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Sentence Types by Shmoop:

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