Build a Better Bike 3 - Construct Angles

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If you're still angling to build a better bike this lesson is for you! Building on the first two lessons in this series, learn from online interactives and practice about measuring and drawing angles!


Geometry, Measurement and Data

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Lesson Plan - Get It!

  • What happened to the geometry teacher?

She sprained her angle!

Angles are everywhere!

  • What tool helps you measure and construct angles?

In this lesson, not only will you find out, you will also learn how to measure and construct angles!

You will do this by learning to use a protractor, interacting with interesting online resources, and by adding some wheels and spokes to the new bicycle!

This lesson is the third in a series of geometry lessons that allow you to design or build a bike. (If you have not completed the first and second lessons, go to Related Lessons in the right-hand sidebar and do them now.)

Each lesson in the series presents a new geometry concept and adds to the design of the bicycle in the Go! section. Complete each lesson in the series in order so you don't miss building part of the bike.

Each lesson will present the concept in the Get It! section with a video, slideshow, or interactive. The Got It? section will contain review and an opportunity to practice the concept. The Go! section will challenge you to add parts to your bicycle, based on your new knowledge and skills.

  1. Use the Scholastic StudyJams! Construct Angles interactive to learn how to draw and measure angles using a ray, a point, degrees, and a vertex.

Click on the green STEP BY STEP button to start. Be sure to click on the WATCH OUT! and TRY IT! sections to fully view the interactive.

  1. Take the brief quiz at the end of the interactive to test your knowledge.

When you are ready, continue on to the Got It? section.

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