What's in a Symbol?

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When you pledge allegiance to the flag, are you just saluting a piece of cloth? The flag represents, or symbolizes, the U.S.A. Using videos and a fable, learn about symbolism in literature!



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Throughout this series of Related Lesson, found in the right-hand sidebar, we have focused on Author's Craft or the way a writer writes.

In this final Related Lesson of the series, we will focus on symbolism.

Symbolism is when a writer uses an object, person, or event to represent something else within the text. There are times when the symbolism is obvious, and other times in which the symbolism is more hidden, and the reader must infer the meaning.

Watch these short videos for more information on how symbolism is used within writing:

Power in Literature, Short Stories Part 1: Symbols:


Symbols and Symbolism explained:


Many things represent symbolism in literature. Symbolism allows writers to create levels of meaning and deeper connections within their stories.

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