Build a Better Bike 2 - Identify Lines

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Do you like waiting in lines? How about poor puns? You don't have to wait in line to learn about lines so you can continue designing your better bike! After the puns, online sources teach about lines!


Geometry, Plane Geometry (2D)

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Parallel lines have so much in common, it's a shame they will NEVER MEET!

  • What do you call a leg that is perpendicular to a foot?

A right ankle!

Lines, lines, and more lines.

They are everywhere, and not just at the checkout!

In this lesson, you will learn about types of lines by watching a fun slideshow using online resources. You will even add to the design of a new bicycle!

This lesson is the second in a series of geometry lessons that allow you to design or build a bike. (If you have not completed the first lesson, go to Related Lessons in the right-hand sidebar and do that now.)

Each lesson in the series presents a new geometry concept and adds to the design of the bicycle in the Go! section. Complete each lesson in the series in order so you don’t miss building part of the bike. Each lesson will present the concept in the Get It! section with a video, slideshow, or interactive. The Got It? section will contain review and an opportunity to practice the concept. The Go! section will challenge you to add parts to your bicycle based on your new knowledge and skills.

  1. Use the Scholastic StudyJams! Types of Lines slideshow to learn about types of lines. Click on the green Slide Show button to begin. Pay close attention to parallel, perpendicular, and intersecting lines because these are the focus of this lesson, and you will use them in the Go! section to continue the design of your bicycle.
  2. Take the brief quiz at the end of the slideshow to test your knowledge.

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