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You've read a lot of Poe lately; now it's time to write about what you've read! Two videos and some helpful worksheets show you how to compare and contrast his creepy stories as well as anything else!



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Edgar Allan Poe quote

Welcome back!

If you have not completed the previous Related Lessons on Edgar Allan Poe, found in the right-hand sidebar, do so first.

Poe's quote above demonstrates how he often would blur the line between the living and the dead, which you have seen in both The Tell Tale Heart and The Cask of Amontillado. Besides putting the living and the dead together, there are many other elements from these two stories that are worth comparing:

  • A comparative analysis is a piece of writing that discusses the similarities and differences between two subjects. They are more commonly called compare-and-contrast essays.
  • A comparative analysis can follow one of two different patterns: an alternating (or side-by-side) comparison and a divided comparison.
    - In an alternating comparison, the writer talks about both subjects at the same time. Each topic covers the two subjects in sequential sentences.
    - In a divided comparison, the writer focuses on the subjects one at a time. The first paragraph covers all important topics of one subject, and the next paragraph covers all the same topics with the second subject.

Take a look at this How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay (WikiHow), and pay careful attention to the instructions. These steps are crucial in order to write a successful comparative essay.

For additional help understanding comparative analysis, take a look at these videos:

Compare And Contrst by Shmoop:

Image - Video

Developing a Thesis for Compare-and-Contrast Essay:

Image - Video

Now, for a little practice!

Choose a topic of interest to you (it can be anything: movies, books, television shows, sports teams), and create a comparative analysis of two subjects within that topic. For example, if you chose television shows, you might compare and contrast Star Trek to Star Trek: The Next Generation. Because this is practice, you only need to focus on two elements within your topic.

Share your writing with your teacher or parent, and revise to make sure you are completing the analysis correctly.

Now, continue on to the Got It? section to analyze some works of Edgar Allan Poe!

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