Opinion Writing: The Best Part of Me

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How would you describe yourself? How about just one part of you? What's your favorite part and why? Hear what other students have written, and write a poem about why your best part is your best part!



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My nose is the best part of me. I like my nose the best because it reminds me of my grandmother's nose. It is long and straight. My nose smells dinner cooking in the kitchen and bread baking in the oven. What is the best part of you?

Welcome to the fourth and final Related Lesson in our Opinion Writing series where you will write your own descriptive poem about the best part of you!

Watch Mrs. Williams read The Best Past of Me by Wendy Ewald (VID00201) below:


Begin to think about the body parts the children in the book chose as their best.

The children chose their eyes, feet, hair, and teeth. They each had different reasons why they chose this part as their favorite.

Discuss the video and book with your teacher or parent. Focus on the reasons why each child chose the parts they did. Do you agree with their reasons for choosing the parts they chose?

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