Opinion Writing: Wild About Weather

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Whether we like it or not, we have many types of weather. Whether you like snow or sun, you must convince me why! Usings online research, write opinions about your most and least favorite weather!



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What is your favorite type of weather? Can you convince me to like it, too?

In this second lesson of our Opinion Writing series, you will read articles and explore different types of weather.

If you missed or would like to review the first lesson, find it in the right-hand sidebar under Related Lessons.

You will decide which type of weather you like the best, and write a paragraph explaining why this type of weather is your favorite.

To begin this lesson, think about the different types of weather you have in the area where you live. Do you have snow, rain, wind, heat waves, or tornadoes?

Which type of weather do you like best?

Now, read an article about your favorite type of weather. Choose from the links below:

If you don't see the type of weather you are looking for here, check out Weather Wiz Kids and click on the type of weather you want to read and write about.

Write down three pieces of information you may want to include in your writing. You are on your way to writing a great opinion piece about weather, so move on to the Got It? section to do some brainstorming (pun intended)!

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