Converting Fractions to Decimals and Percentages

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Do you dream about fractions? Meet Mr. Fraction and Dani Decimal, who will teach you about fractions, decimals, and percentages. After some online practice, you will create the Trashball Dream Team!



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Mr. Fraction doesn't like being a fraction. He thinks the – (fraction line) is not flattering to him. So, he is trying to find out how he can get rid of the line.

  • Would you like to know what he did to get rid of the fraction line?

There are two types of numbers Mr. Fraction can turn into, but still remain a fraction of a number.

Can you guess what those two types of numbers are? If you said a decimal and a percent, you are correct! Let's teach Mr. Fraction how he can turn into a decimal or a percent!

Look over the chart below:

Meet my friend, Mr. Fraction:


The above chart shows that when you have a fraction, you divide the numerator (the top number) by the denominator (the bottom number).

So, if you take 3 divided by 4, it would look like this:

4 3

And the answer is 0.75, which is the decimal seventy-five hundredths.

To make that decimal a percent, follow the arrows saying move your decimal 2 places to the right. If you do that, you will get 75. Replace the decimal with the percent sign (%) and you get 75% or seventy-five percent.

Now we know that Mr. Fraction can turn into either a decimal or a percent: .75 or 75%

Hey, I wonder if he'll change his name? While he decides which he wants to be, let's practice helping other fractions turn to decimals and percentages!

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