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Have you ever written a piece of fiction? Why did you write it (besides as an assignment!)? Do you like PIE? Writers write for different reasons, and it helps us digest the story when we know why!



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Lesson Plan - Get It!


Do you like reading fiction stories? What are fiction stories, and why do authors write them? Is it only for fame or money? Hmmm . . .

Fiction means made up or not real.

When you read a fiction book, you might be reading a fantasy, science fiction, romance, mystery, or historical fiction.

Authors of fictional works write for different reasons or purposes. Most authors write for three main reasons:

  • to Persuade
  • to Inform
  • to Entertain

Just remember PIE!

You can probably say that all fictional stories are created to entertain, but some of them also inform readers. Some may even try to persuade you, or teach a moral lesson through the experiences of the main character.

Watch and listen to this fun video from MisterLemurBooks called Have Some PIE:


Here is another video with some examples. As you watch Introduction to Reading Skills: Author's Purpose 2 from McGraw-Hill Education PreK-12, see if you can figure out the author's purpose before the game show contestant!


Now that you've had a taste of PIE, move on to the Got It? section to practice with real stories!

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