Wind - What Is It?

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A refreshing breeze. An eddy. A hurricane. What do they have in common? Wind! Where does wind come from? Using video, articles, and fun activities, learn what wind is! This lesson will blow you away!


Earth Science

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  • Have you ever flown a kite on a windy day?
  • Why are some days windy?

Wind is part of the earth’s atmosphere.

  • It can be used to fly kites and harness energy, but how is wind produced?
  • What causes the wind to blow?

In this lesson, you will investigate how wind is produced, as well as make weather tools to understand wind speed and direction using fun videos, online articles, creative activities, and motivating projects. Maybe you can even fly a kite on a windy day!

Begin by completing the following activities:

  • Watch Up, Up & Away: Crash Course Kids #16.2 to learn about how wind is produced in the atmosphere:

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  • Read the following articles to learn about how wind is produced and how it is used for energy:
  • Discuss what you have learned with your teacher.
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