Many Meanings: Review

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You've finished many lessons on Many Meanings and learned many things. Play ball with Amelia Bedelia, chart her confusions, and write your own story about how you misunderstood multiple-meaning words!


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What do you think of when you hear the phrase, home run?

Do you think of a baseball game and scoring the winning run, or do you think of a race with your brother or sister to the front door of your house?

In this fifth of five Related Lessons, you will find the game of baseball has many words and phrases with multiple meanings!

Ideally, you will have now completed the first four Related Lessons, found in the right-hand sdiebar, in the Multiple Meanings series.

You will now use all of the skills you learned about word usage in this lesson while reading a book with a familiar character. Perhaps you are already familiar with the character Amelia Bedelia, and how she often finds herself in funny situations because she is confused by words with multiple meanings!

Listen carefully to Story-time w/Uncle Brandon "Amelia Bedelia, Play Ball" written by Peggy Parish. What do you think is so funny about this story? Tell your teacher or parent about one funny part in the story.

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