How Did You Know That? (Problem Solving)

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Do you have a problem with math problems? No problem! Watch videos and play fun and educational online games and exercises and activities that show you how to use the problem-solving process for math!


Operations and Algebraic Thinking

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Lesson Plan - Get It!


My friend set up a game for me. She told me she wanted to see how good I am at solving problems. Can you help me complete this game? Below are the rules:

  1. I have to move all 6 boxes from the Start line to the Finish line.
  2. I can only make 3 trips to complete the activity. Moving to the Finish line and then back to the Start line equals one trip.
  3. Each box weighs a pound. I am not allowed to carry more than 2 pounds during each trip.

Help! Use the image below to help you figure out how I am supposed to follow the rules, move the boxes, and complete the activity correctly. Then, check your answer!

Solving problems can be a real problem!

Watch Solving Problems - Building Resilience with Hunter and Eve below to learn the steps to solving a problem:


Tell your parent or teacher the three steps Hunter followed to solve his problem.

The Got It? section has several activities that will help you practice your problem-solving skills. You can choose to do just one activity or more than one activity.

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