Five Senses - Touch

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Cat's whiskers are so cute, aren't they? Did you know they aren't just on their nose, and they do more than stick out? Using videos and some fun projects, learn about how we touch and feel things!


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Lesson Plan - Get It!

  • Did you know a cat uses its whiskers as part of its sense of touch?
  • Where is your sense of touch?

The sense of touch allows you to feel objects in your environment. Your sense of touch tells you if something is hot, cold, sharp, fuzzy, or even gooey. You may think that you can only feel with your fingers, but actually all of your skin is the organ associated with touch. Some parts of your skin are more sensitive to touch than others. In this lesson, you will learn about the sense of touch and how the skin works. You will explore using a video, hands-on activities, and a fun project. 

Watch Mocomi Kids The Five Senses: Sense of Touch (below) to learn how the skin works and how nerve endings send messages to the brain:

Discuss what you learned from the video with your teacher.

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