Five Senses - Hearing

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How do you hear your teacher? Can rabbits hear better because they have bigger ears? Watch a video and complete online activities and hands-on projects to learn more about how we hear sounds.


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How do your ears work? Why are a rabbit’s ears so long?

Ears are the sensory organs that collect sounds. You use your ears to hear the world around you.

Many people live without being able to hear sounds. This happens because something is not working correctly in the ears.

In this lesson, you will investigate the sense of hearing and how the ear works. An engaging video, fun activities, and interesting projectto choose from will help you to explore the world of sound with your sense of hearing. 

Your ears are round, so they can catch sounds and send them down a tunnel, called the ear canal, to your eardrum. Your eardrum is a piece of skin stretched across the ear canal. The eardrum sends vibrations to your brain. Your brain senses these vibrations and can tell what is making the sounds.

Brainstorm some sounds you can hear. Make a list with familiar sounds like music, the phone ringing, birds chirping, or dogs barking. Don't forget to include different types of sounds such as loud and very loud sounds. Think about all the different things you can hear. 

Watch How Your Ears Work to learn more:

Discuss what you have learned with your teacher. 

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