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Five Senses - Taste

Contributor: Victoria Surface. Lesson ID: 10555

What if your taste buds were on your feet like a bug's? Good thing they're on your tongue! You'll use those taste buds to try different foods. You'll also watch a video and study other taste buds.


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Lesson Plan - Get It!


Did you know that a catfish has the most taste buds of any animal or that some insects have taste buds on their feet?  

Do dogs beg for food because they have more taste buds than humans?  

Where are your taste buds anyway?

Your five senses help you understand the world around you.

One of the five senses is called taste.
You use your tongue to taste. Your tongue is a unique organ in your body. Not only is it a muscle like the muscles in your arms and legs; it can detect flavors, textures, temperatures, and how oily or chewy a food might be.

In this lesson, you will explore how the tongue works and allows you to taste foods. Get ready for some tasty (and maybe not so tasty) activities!

Watch SciShow Kids' Your Tongue: The Taste-Maker! to learn how the tongue allows you to taste food:


Discuss what you learned from the video with your teacher.

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