Everything's the Matter!

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Anyone ever say to you "What's the matter?" Do you say "Everything!"? You're kinda right! Everything's made of matter. Use video, games, melted crayons, and create-your-own comics to discover matter!


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What do crayons and ice have in common? Find out why it matters!

Matter is anything that has weight and takes up space. Matter comes in different forms, or states, and can be changed. In this lesson, you will learn about the changing states of matter using interesting videos, hands-on activities, and fun, creative projects.

Watch Changing water – States of matter and What’s Matter – Crash Course Kids #3.1 (below) to learn about matter. Discuss the questions below with your teacher when you are finished watching the videos:

  • What is matter?
  • What are the states of matter?
  • What are some examples of each state of matter?
  • How can water be a solid, liquid, and a gas?


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