Identifying Common Nouns as People, Places, and Things

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Watch out! There are nouns all around you! Nouns surround you! Join Schoolhouse Rock and use online games and other fun challenges to learn how a noun can be a person, place, thing, or even an animal!



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Wow! There are so many nouns all around each of us right now!

  • Did you know that nouns are all around you right now?

That's right! Even YOU are a noun!

  • Can you point to another person in the room right now who is also a noun?
  • How about an animal, or an object?

Even the town you live in — a place — is a noun!

Learn More About Nouns

Listen to a really fun song to help you understand more about nouns.

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In the song you heard nouns can be the following.

  • Nouns can be people like a grandma or a best friend.
  • Nouns can be places like a store, a city, or your house.
  • Nouns can be things like cars or dresses.
  • Nouns can even be animals like squirrels or your pet dog.

Find Some Nouns


Here comes the fun part. Your first challenge is people nouns!

Make a list of all the people you saw this week without using their real or proper names. For example, if you saw Mr. Jones, the mailman, just write mailman.

These are called common nouns and are what you will be focusing on today.

You can include your pets in this category, but just tell what kind of animal. For example, write fish or cat rather than Bubbles or Mr. Whiskers.

Draw a picture of the last person you hugged and write, "Hug a Noun Today!" somewhere on the picture.


Here's your second challenge. You'll need a shopping bag for this one.

  • There's only one type of noun you can fit in a shopping bag, right?

Right: things! You can't fit places or people into small bags, so here's your challenge. You have exactly 60 seconds, or one minute, to complete a noun relay and collect as many non-gross, bag-appropriate thing nouns as you can.

No animals in this bag unless they are stuffed toys!

Ready, set, go!

Now, make a list of all of the thing nouns that you collected in your bag. Draw a picture of the biggest thing you put in your bag and label your picture, "The Biggest Noun in My Bag."


Finally, there are your place nouns.

Write down all the places you went this past week. Then, find a picture online or in a magazine of a type of place you went. It can be a park, a store, or just about anywhere.

If the picture has other nouns already on it, circle the people with a red crayon and circle the things with a blue crayon.

You can also download the Place Coloring Page, from the Downloadable Resources in the right-hand sidebar, and circle the people with a red crayon and the things with a blue crayon.

Or you can draw your own people and things!

Next, move on to the Got It? section to practice what you've learned!

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