What Is Globalization?

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What does a hamburger have to do with your shirt besides dripping ketchup on it? Both are products of globalization! With a fast-paced video talk and your own research, learn how you affect the world!



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Over 76 years ago, the first McDonald’s opened its doors in San Bernardino, California. In 2014, a new restaurant opened every 6.66 hours. Today, McDonald’s is in over 100 countries and serves approximately 69 million customers daily (McDonald’s at 75: The fast-food monster by numbers).

McDonald’s, the poster child of both the good and bad of globalization, is a relatively recent phenomena. The following questions will be answered in this lesson: What is globalization? Why is it important? How does it affect you?

Advances in technology such as mobile phones, airplanes, and the Internet have made the growth of transportation and communication networks possible.

These advances have led to the ability for people and countries to exchange information and goods more easily. This process is called globalization. The term “globalization” comes from "globe" and means the worldwide coming together of people and nations.

Find out more by reading the entire article BBC_Geography: Globalisation. While you’re reading, create a bulleted list of the major ideas, definitions, and examples in this article.

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