Possessive Nouns - You Own It!

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Whose doll is that? It's Mary's. Whose tiny dress is that? It's Mary's doll's. See how possessive nouns work? With a fun song, online quiz, and your own imagination, learn how to use possessive nouns!



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Sally's cat's toy rolled under Sammy's bike's wheel! Everyone owns something. Think of something you own. Write it down on a piece of paper and put it to the side.

In this lesson you will learn how to form singular possessive nouns!

Understanding when and how to form singular possessive nouns will help you develop your writing skills.

The possessive form of a noun expresses possession or ownershipThe apostrophe ( ' ) is the sign of a possessive noun. For example:

  • Everyone wanted to ride in Joy's car. Joy is the owner of the car. The word "Joy's" is a possessive noun because the car belongs to Joy.

This Possessives video by Melissa Corbett (below) is a great video which will help you better understand the use of possessive nouns to sharpen your writing:

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