Colonial Times: Jamestown

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Imagine coming to a new land with no town, no home, little food, and no friends. Learn what life was like for settlers living in the Colonial settlement of Jamestown, Virginia.


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  • Can you imagine leaving your home and traveling to a new world?

The first Colonial settlers arrived in America with little food and no shelter.

  • What would that be like?

Find out!

A few hundred years ago, people traveled across the ocean from Europe, trying to start new lives.

The people who came from Europe were called settlers. They created the first colonies. Colonies are communities in new lands controlled by another country.

At that time, the United States was very different from what it is today. Although Native Americans already lived here, their communities were quite different than the settlers' in England. There were no towns, grocery stores, or traditional houses.

The settlers lived a tough life. They had to learn how to build their homes, schools, churches — everything a town would have. They also needed to learn what food could grow on this land.

One of the very first colonies was called Jamestown.

To learn more, read Colonial America Jamestown Settlement and watch the video below.

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