Colonial Times: Jamestown

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Imagine coming to a new land with no town, no home, little food, and no friends. In this first lesson about the original 13 colonies, learn what life was like for settlers living at Jamestown, VA.


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Can you imagine coming to a new land with no town, no home, little food and no friends? What would it be like for you? Let's find out! 

Before it was the United States, Native Americans lived on this land.

A few hundred years ago, people traveled across the ocean from Europe, trying to get away from the leaders who did not treat them well. The people who came from Europe were called settlers. They created the first colonies. Colonies are areas that a group of people move to, that are controlled by another country.

At that time, the United States was very different from what it is today. There were no towns, no grocery stores, not even homes!

The settlers lived a very hard life. They had to learn how to build their homes, their schools, their churches -- everything a town would have. They also needed to find out what food they could grow in this land.

One of the very first colonies was called Jamestown.

Listen to the stories and play On the Trail of Captain John Smith from National Geographic Kids to learn more about Jamestown.

Have your teacher look at this schmoop website with you, so he or she can help read and navigate it with you. Check out the Jamestown Timeline as well as the Jamestown People.

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