Mr. D Math - Multiply Using the Distributive Property, Part II

Contributor: Dennis Denoia. Lesson ID: 10298

Why would you want to multiply 9.99 by 5? Hey, why not? Check out Mr. D's video and worksheet to learn the distributive property and quickly and easily multiply 9.99 x 5 (and other difficult numbers)!


Pre-Algebra, Rules and Properties, Whole Numbers and Operations

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Lesson Plan - Get It!


Let's say you want to buy some of Mr. D's "Learning Can Be Fun!" T-shirts. He gave them the goofy price of $9.99. But he also gives you the easy way to figure out how much a given quantity of them costs!

Watch this video on how to multiply using the distributive property!

Mr. D also wants to distribute his T-shirts!


If you missed or would like to review the previous Related Lesson on distributive property, find it in the right-hand sidebar.

Now that you know the trick, continue on to the Got It! section for a quick practice!

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