Create and Describe Patterns 2: Spring Time

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Ever hear of Fuzz Bugs? Do you want to play with them? Do you like springtime? Using videos, dancing, and your coloring skills, you will learn about this lovely season and how it follows patterns!


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The year starts off cold, then warmer weather comes with the birth of new plants, then the weather gets really warm and it is time to play outside all day, and then the year ends with the weather getting cooler and the plants losing their leaves and going to sleep for the winter.  This pattern creates the seasons.  Do you know the names of the seasons?

The seasons are winter, spring, summer, and fall.

Every year the earth goes through these 4 seasons.  Some areas do not feel the differences as much as other places, but the 4 seasons always repeat, so we can call that a pattern.

Let’s watch a video called Let's Learn About the Four Seasons (below). What is your favorite season?

Today we are going to look at the season of spring.  What do you know about spring?  What is the weather like in the spring season where you live?  What happens to plants during that time?  Are there any special holidays or birthdays during that season?   

Here is a video called Peep and the Big Wide World: Spring Thing, about 3 friends who are sad that it is cold and all of the plants have died:

After watching the video, tell why the friends did not have to worry about watching the flower.  What season did the video start in, and what season did the video end in?  Share your answers with your teacher.

Springtime is when animals come out of hibernation, or a deep sleep, and new plants and leaves on the trees start to sprout.   

Watch this video titled Springtime Reading Video for Kids & Toddlers to learn what people see in the spring:

After watching the video, what are some things that spring brings?  You see birds, rain, butterflies, flowers, and rainbows.  You also see the sun for longer periods of the day and more animals are around.

Let’s create some patterns using the things you see in spring. Following these directions you will create a repeating pattern with your motions!

  1. Come up with a motion for birds.  One idea is you can put your arms out and have them flapping like a bird flying. 

  2. Come up with a motion for rain.  An idea is raising your hands up over your head and having your fingers move down to represent the falling rain. 

  3. Come up with a motion for the sun.  Maybe you can raise your hands over your head connecting your finger tips to make a circle like the sun. 

  4. Come up with a motion for an animal.  You can make any animal posture.  

  5. Have your teacher read the pattern as you act it out: bird, sun, animal, bird, sun, animal.  How did your motions create a pattern? What is the pattern? 

  6. Have your teacher read the pattern as you act it out: rain, rain, animal, animal, rain, rain, animal, animal. 

  7. You create 2 patterns and have your teacher figure out the pattern 

  8. Have your teacher create his or her own pattern and you try to repeat it.

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