Extend Patterns 2: Growing Patterns

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Do you like snakes? Would you like to make one? One of the most common patterns in nature is the spiral. With shows, songs, scissors, silliness, and snakes, you will learn about growing patterns!


Counting and Cardinality

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Follow along: Jump, clap, jump, clap, clap, jump, clap, clap, clap, jump.  To continue the pattern, how many times will you have to clap?

Let’s look at the pattern:

  • Jump
  • Clap
  • Jump
  • Clap, clap
  • Jump
  • Clap, clap, clap
  • Jump

Can you see that each time you come to the clapping part you add one more clap? If you said you clap 4 times to complete the pattern, you are correct!

This pattern is called a growing patternbecause it grows and gets bigger rather than repeating the exact rhythm or object over and over again. The rhythmstill follows a rule, so we can call it a pattern.

Watch this video called Learn Growing Patterns in this Math Video tutorial from KidsMathTV. Look carefully at the red chips being used and identify how they are used to grow the pattern:

Image - Video


Have you heard of the song “Hello, My Name is Joe and I Work in a Button Factory?” It is a fun song! Through the growing number of motions you will have to do in this song, you will personally get to experience a growing pattern. Are you ready? Watch this Hello, My Name is Joe video. Can you sing the song and and move your body like the singers? Have fun!

Image - Video


While listening to the song, was it hard to do all of the movements? Why do you think that song is a growing pattern? Share your answer with your teacher.

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