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Meaning of Quotes – Benjamin Franklin

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In this lesson, you will explore the meanings of quotes from Benjamin Franklin to learn from his wisdom and knowledge, using online research, activities, and creative projects!


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“A penny saved is a penny earned.”

This quote, often attributed to Benjamin Franklin, means it is as useful to save money that you already have as it is to earn more. In other words, money that you save is more valuable than money you spend right away.

  • How is this quote useful in your own life? 
  • Why is it important?

Quotations teach us life lessons using wisdom, sometimes in the form of a metaphor.

A metaphor is something used to represent something else. It is a symbol.

Have you ever heard someone say, "Save for a rainy day"? Perhaps you have. Did the person actually mean you need money on a rainy day? Probably not. "Rainy day" is a metaphor for "when something unexpected happens." It means money for emergencies, such as unexpected bills, maintenance, and repairs. If you have the money to pay for these things, the unexpected event or "rainy day" doesn't seem quite as bad.

This is just one example. We are going to look at some of the countless others.

1. Read quotes from Benjamin Franklin in the video Benjamin Franklin - Inspiring Quotes (below) and Good Reads - Benjamin Franklin. Think about the following questions as you read the quotes:

  • What do you think the quote means? Is there a metaphor in the quote? If so, what is the symbol?

  • Why is it important to you? Does the quote apply to anything in your life? If so, explain.

  • How does the quote relate to the real world? Why has the quote endured or stood the test of time?

  • Can you think of or find another quote that means the same thing?


2. Draw an illustration of one of your favorite quotes from Mr. Franklin. Visit the following link for ideas about illustrating quotes: Pinterest Illustrated Quotes.

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