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Job-hunting is a job in itself! As with any job, there are some vocabulary words associated with it. Using videos, handouts, and your own Help Wanted scenario, learn these essential Life Lingo words!


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Imagine that you are in high school and looking for your first job. There are lots of vocabulary words that can help you search for a job, write your résumé, and help you with the interview.

  • Do you know these words?

Once you complete this lesson, you will be an expert in career vocabulary and one step closer to getting your first job!

Read the following Help Wanted scenario:

Sally decided it was time for a career change! She likes her volunteer work as a part of a local community service organization at the hospital, but the job really doesn't allow her to show her special skills, and it doesn't match her personality and interests.

She knows she has excellent communication skills, some special training in animal care from working on her grandfather's farm, and has learned some really cool stuff through her family experiences at Joey's Petting Zoo. Hey! She was even an official member of the Ranger Rick Club and has won several 4-H awards!

Her work history made her a perfect applicant as an assistant to the local veterinarian. She would love cleaning cages and helping to care for the animals. She may need further training or need to study a specific subject in school to better prepare for this job.

After investigating what she still needs to learn and what training is available, she develops a plan to get the skills she needs. She can't wait to get started on her plan so she will be able to get the job she wants!

When looking for a job in high school, college, or after college, it is important for you to understand many of the different vocabulary words associated with careers. This can help you search for jobs, write your résumé, sharpen interview skills, and even help you be a better worker!

Read the following vocabulary words. Put an asterisk next to the words that you know and a question mark next to the words that you don't know:

  • career path
  • training
  • education
  • personal plan of study
  • awards
  • volunteer or community service work
  • requirements for middle school
  • communication skills
  • objective
  • extra-curricular activities
  • organizations
  • work history
  • special skills
  • academic strengths
  • family experiences
  • school subjects
  • high school requirements

Work to define the words that you know, and make a list of the terms that you don't know.

You can learn about a few more vocabulary words by watching Career Vocabulary based on Q Skills Level 1 Chapter 2, from Leading Edge English, below:

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Read through more career vocabulary terms at Job-Seeker's Glossary of Key Job-Hunting, Career, Job-Search, and Employment Terms from LiveCareer.

Once you are comfortable with some terms, continue on to the Got It! section to use them in your own lesson plan.

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