The Author’s Purpose

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Why are you interested in this lesson? Did someone persuade you to use Bridgeway? Authors have three purposes in writing. Using PIE, videos, and games, learn those purposes and write your own ads!



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Besides loving what Bridgeway Academy offers to students, why would someone write this advertisement for them?

The message was written to persuade you look into Bridgeway Academy for your homeschooling needs.

When an author writes something, he or she always has a purpose in mind.

Today, you are going to learn about three main reasons why authors write:

  1. The first reason, as mentioned above, is to persuade the audience to do something or think a certain way, as in an advertisement.
  2. The second purpose is to inform the reader. Examples of informative writing can be seen in a book of facts about animals or a book on how to build Legos.
  3. The third purpose for writing is to entertain the reader. Fictional books and comics are examples of entertaining writing.

An easy way to remember the three purposes is to remember the acronym P.I.E.:

  • P is for persuade
  • I is for inform
  • E is for entertain.

Easy as pie, right?


In Ms. Shores' Author's Purpose video below, the teacher reviews what you just read above, and poses some great questions you can ask yourself when trying to decide what the author's purpose is for something you are reading. Write down the questions as you hear them; you will need them for your next activity:


Did you get them written down? You can always re-watch the video to find the questions if you missed them the first time through. You are now going to create an organizer to record the information you just learned.

  1. Gather your supplies. Print out Author’s Purpose P.I.E. sheet, located in Downloadable Resources in the right-hand sidebar, and get a pencil, scissors, and glue.

  1. Cut out the two bold-lined circles.

  1. Cut down the bold lines on the page with the words. Be sure to stop at the dashed circle.

  1. Place the circle with the words on top of the blank circle and glue down the outside of the circle (from the dashed line out).

  1. Pull up each flap, which is the piece of the pie, and write down the questions you recorded while watching the video.

  2. On the blank circle underneath it, write examples of each purpose. (Hint: I gave you some examples in the beginning of this lesson!)

Now that you are organized, move on to the Got It? section to find the purpose in different videos.

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