Inferring a Character's Feelings in a Long Passage

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It's hard to connect with someone who hides his feelings. The same is true when reading. Join a shoemaker and some elves and a graphic organizer to find clues and infer how a story character feels!



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How do you know what someone is feeling? Do you look to see if he is smiling or she looks sad? Do you look to see how they are standing? How does the man in the picture feel? Why? In this lesson, you'll learn how to infer how a story character feels.

What does it mean to infer?

Let's try something.

If you found a backpack on the side of the road, and inside you found a soccer uniform, soccer shoes, and a ball, what type of person lost their backpack? A soccer player, right?

What you just did is called inferring — you used the clues found in the soccer bag to make a prediction, or draw a conclusion, about the owner of the bag.

You use clues to help you infer something about a person. Clues can be physical (facial expressions, stances, etc.), or verbal (voice, words).

Let's hit some practice exercises in the Got It? section!

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