10th Grade College Planning Timeline

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If you are planning to attend college, you'd better start preparing now! There are many steps involved in the application process, so, to be successful, follow the steps and links in this timeline!


Preparing for College

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Imagine that you just received your acceptance letter to the college of your dreams. All your hard work and dedication have paid off, and you are so proud of yourself!

  • How did you get accepted to the college of your dreams?

Read on to learn about the specific things that you need to do in order to be more appealing to college admissions counselors!

If you're in 10th grade now, college may seem very far away, but you can do some things right now to start preparing for your future.

Here are some suggestions:

Course selection

Continue to take challenging classes. Make sure you enroll in the courses that are challenging enough to help prepare you for college. Look into any prerequisites that may be required for future classes. Continue to study a foreign language. Colleges are more impressed by a depth of knowledge in a single language than a little knowledge in multiple languages.

Four-year high school plan

If you created your four-year plan when you were in 9th grade, now would be a good time to review the plan and make sure you are on track. If you haven’t created your four-year plan yet, this would be a good time to do so. A four-year plan ensures that you are taking courses to help prepare you for college and ensures that you graduate on time.

Ask your counselor or advisor about the PSAT and PLAN

  • PSAT Almost all students who plan to attend college take the PSAT during their junior year, but many take it in their sophomore year as well. It can’t hurt to take it early and there is no harm if you do poorly on the test. It will only help better prepare you for when you take it in your junior year. When you take the PSAT, you receive feedback through the Student Score Report that can help identify your strengths and areas in need of improvement.

  • PLAN A practice test for the ACT. The PLAN is a multiple-choice test covering English, Science, Reading, and Math. Your test results will show you your strengths as well as areas in need of growth.

College fair

College fairs usually take place in the fall. This is a great way to meet college representatives and learn about what different schools have to offer without you actually visiting the campus. Prepare questions ahead of time that you would like to ask representatives.

Explore careers

Continue to explore careers that may interest you. Look into the training, education, and college entrance requirements for each occupation. The following site will allow you to take an interest inventory and learn about careers that may interest you: O*NET OnLine.

Continue on to the Winter section for more planning suggestions.

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