Saving Earth's Resources

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What if you turn on the faucet and nothing comes out? Have you ever heard about air pollution? Learn how to conserve resources and maybe decide on a career teaching others about keeping Earth clean!


Earth Science, People and Their Environment

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Earth's resources are in trouble! Can you save them? Which resource is being wasted in the picture below? What can you do to help?

running shower

Letting the faucet run while no one is using it wastes a lot of water.

Water is natural resource we need to conserve. In this lesson, you will learn about natural resources and how to preserve them.

  • What are natural resources?
  • How can we preserve them?

Watch this Children's: Earth's Resources - Air, Water, Land. How to Save the Earth's Resources, from KidsEduc – Kids Educational Games, video to learn the answers to these questions:


Now that you have watched the video, think about why it is important to save Earth's resources.

Take a walk with your teacher and look around your community. As you observe your community, list the natural resources that are used by you and your neighbors and other people around you.

  • Do you see any wasteful uses of resources?
  • What would happen if people used up all of Earth's resources?

Continue on to the Got It? section to think about ways to preserve natural resources.

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