Who Christ Is: Who Do You Say I AM?

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Is it really important to know who Jesus is? Does it matter in my life? How do you react to his self claims? Watch Peter as he grasps who Jesus is and boldly confesses his faith. Can you stand up too?



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Lesson Plan - Get It!


Think of your favorite hobby or sport that you enjoy playing. What makes that game or hobby enjoyable to you? How would you convince someone else to enjoy that sport or hobby as much as you enjoy it?


Blindfold your student and offer him or her very sweet and very sour foods (fruits, candy, etc.). Observe the response to each food. Think about videoing the reaction so he or she can see the response!


Explain what happened inside your mouth as you tasted the food or candy.

In the Scriptures today, we're going to look at Jesus and how one person in particular responded to him. Remember, just as you responded to the food you tasted, this disciple had different reactions as he followed Jesus. However, he never wavered in his belief and walk with Christ.

Bottom Line: How we view Jesus shows us how much we believe in and follow him.

Read Matthew 16:13-20

  • How did Peter respond to Jesus' question?
  • Was Peter perfect? How do you know? (Use this Bible Tab Concordance from Bible Hub to help you figure out the mistakes Peter made while following Jesus.)
  • If you've never used a concordance before, check out What is a Bible concordance, and how do I use it? from GotQuestions.org to help you your first time.
  • What lesson(s) can you learn from Peter's confession and his life?

Continue on to the Got It? section to discuss commitment and growth in the Christian life.

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