Who Christ Is: I AM the True Vine

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Ever find dead branches lying around after a storm? The living ones usually survive. Jesus referred to himself as "the True Vine," who gives life to those who cling to him. Learn more from John 15!



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Lesson Plan - Get It!


Why do you think there are so many different religions in the world? Do you think, as followers of Christ, we should be open to the teachings of other religions?

Before the heavy learning gets started, create a marshmallow catapult!

Choose one of the three methods explained on How to Make a Marshmallow Catapult at wikiHow.

Set up household objects to hit or knock down after you have created your catapult.

After creating the catapult and using it successfully, take the rubber bands off and attempt to knock down the household objects without the rubber bands.

  • What lesson did you learn after using the catapult without the rubber bands?
  • In your relationship with Jesus, what are some supplies and practices you need in order to grow closer to him?
  • What happens if you neglect to use those God-given "supplies" or follow Jesus' example?

Bottom Line: Because Jesus is the Son of God, we can only gain access to God if we're connected to Jesus.

Read John 15:1-17

  • What symbol did Jesus use in this passage to explain his relationship to his followers?
  • How does a branch become fruitful?
  • How can a person become fruitful?
  • How are Christ’s followers to glorify God?
  • How does a person “remain” or "abide" in Christ?
  • Why did Christ tell his disciples to “remain” in Him?
  • Why did Jesus call His disciples “friends”?
  • What amount and kind of fruit did Christ want his followers to bear?
  • What promises did Jesus make to those who have a personal relationship with him?

After answering the questions, you can check your answers with Who Christ Is: I AM the True Vine Answers from Downloadable Resources in the right-hand sidebar.

Continue on to the Got It? section to discuss what you have learned so far.

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