Who Christ Is: The Resurrection and the Life

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Job, who suffered greatly, asked "If a man dies shall he live again?" (14:14). Jesus gave the definitive answer as the Resurrection and the Life. What comfort in troubled times! Study John 11 with us!



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Lesson Plan - Get It!


What are your family's Easter or Resurrection Day traditions? Is there anything unique to how your family celebrates the holiday? What is the meaning of the holiday?

Job asked, "If a man dies, shall he live again?" (Job 14:14).

How would Jesus answer that question?

Bottom Line: Since Jesus is the Son of God, we must believe that he can save us from sin and death.

Read John 11:17-45

Here's a famous painting of Raising Lazarus (carlbloch.com). It gives an idea of what the setting of the story was like.

  • How long had Lazarus been dead? Is it possible that during this time he was just in a trance or had experienced a fainting spell? Why or why not?
  • How did Martha react when Jesus came?
  • How did Jesus respond to Martha’s faith in his power?
  • What did Martha think Jesus meant when he said her brother would rise? What did Jesus mean?
  • What unique claim did Jesus make about himself?
  • What did Martha think it meant to believe in Jesus?
  • How did Jesus respond to the suffering he saw in Mary and the other mourners?
  • How did Martha reveal her disbelief in Jesus’ claim to be the Resurrection and the Life?
  • Why do you think Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead? Explain your answer.
  • How did Jesus’ actions affect many of the Jewish people present?

After answering these questions, you can check your answers with Who Christ Is: The Resurrection and the Life Answers from Downloadable Resources in the right-hand sidebar.

Now, move on to the Got It? section to discuss how resurrection affects your everyday life!

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