Who Christ Is: The Good Shepherd

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Nobody likes to be compared to an animal, but Jesus compares us to sheep, not a flattering image! But the good news is that Jesus Christ gave his life to save the sheep, and he is the Good Shepherd!



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Lesson Plan - Get It!


Cotton Ball Spaghetti Stick Race: Make a start and finish line at least ten feet apart.

  1. Use two cups for the finish line and place them about six inches apart.
  2. To play, each player places a cotton ball on the floor at the start line.
  3. Now, race to the finish line using nothing more than a spaghetti stick to push your cotton ball.
  4. The first player to get the cotton ball between the two cups wins!

Variation: Add obstacles between the start and finish line to make the game more difficult.

  • What made the second game more difficult? How could the game have been easier to finish?
  • What strategy did you use to complete the task? How would you teach someone else to successfully complete the race?
  • What can this activity teach us about how we should approach our spiritual life?

Many claim to know the right way to live our life, but only one human ever gave us a clear path to meaningful life with God: Jesus!

Bottom Line: Because Jesus is the Son of God, he is the only one who gives us access to a life with God.

Read John 10:1-21

  • What did Jesus call people who try to enter the place of rest by their own means rather than by the way he provides?
  • What do the people mentioned in Question 1 come to do?
  • What did Jesus come to do?
  • According to this passage, what does a shepherd do for his sheep?
  • How well does Jesus know his sheep?
  • How do the sheep enter the pasture Jesus described?
  • What are some of the privileges and blessings of finding the gate?
  • What did Jesus say he would do for his sheep?
  • How is the hired hand different from the shepherd?

After answering these questions, you can check your answers with Who Christ Is: The Good Shepherd Answers from Downloadable Resources in the right-hand sidebar.

Continue on to the Got It? section to discuss what you have learned.

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