Who Christ Is: I AM the Bread of Life

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Would you like to eat nothing but bread all the time? Would it become less satisfying at some point? Heavenly bread is good for the soul and never gets old! Learn about Jesus Christ the Bread of Life!



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Lesson Plan - Get It!


Place a piece of white bread, wheat bread, and gluten-free bread in front of you and describe the similarities among the three: look, texture, taste, etc. Discuss with a parent which you prefer and describe why you prefer it. How much bread do you need to live?

One major difference among all three breads is the way they satisfy our hunger.

  • Why do you think one type of bread satisfies us more than another?

  • When you honestly look at your spiritual life, what draws you to Christianity? Is it what it gives you or how it makes you feel?

  • List 3-5 things you like about your church. List 3-5 things you like about being a Christian.

  • Do your answers reflect a love for Jesus or just for what church offers you?

Bottom Line: Because Christ is the Son of God, he is all we need to live a satisfying life.

Read John 6:25-51

While reading, answer the following questions to gain a better understanding of the text:

  • According to Jesus, why was the crowd looking for him?

  • What did Jesus say was the most important activity for those listening to do?

  • In whom did Jesus ask people to believe?

  • What did the crowd want Jesus to do before they would believe?

  • What did Jesus identify as his life's purpose?

  • What claim did Jesus make about himself in relationship to God?

  • Contrast the "bread from heaven" with the "manna in the desert."

  • What phrases indicate that Jesus cares about all people?

  • How did the people respond to Jesus' claims?

After completing, you can check your answers with Who Christ Is: I AM the Bread of Life Answers from Downloadable Resources in the right-hand sidebar.

When you are done, continue on to the Got It? section to relate what you have learned to reality!

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