Comparing Groups Using Less Than, Greater Than, and the Same

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Who is hungry for snacks? I know Jack the Duck is. Are you? In this lesson about Greater Than, Less Than, and the Same, you will use playdough and small snacks to learn these skills!


Whole Numbers and Operations

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Your mom sits a pile of 4 cookies and a pile of 2 cookies in front of you. They smell soooo good, and you are soooo hungry. Which pile would you take? Why?

Remember how hungry you were, and how your sweet tooth was just howling to be fed? Which pile did you take?

Most people would want the 4 cookies, because 4 cookies are more, or greater than, 2 cookies. Now, let's watch this video about Jack the Duck. Jack is also very hungry, but though he does not like cookies, he loves delicious fish!

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What did you notice about Jack in the video? What kind of groups did he like, the smaller groups or the bigger groups? Why?

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