Place Value With Decimals

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Are you the Place Value with Decimals champion? Come and find out! We are looking for some good contestants to play our game! Exercise your ability to move the little dot to the right place to score!


Integers/Rational Numbers and Operations, Whole Numbers and Operations

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Welcome to the DECIMAL PLACE VALUE GAME! This is the game where players challenge each other to see who can assemble the largest number including decimals! Do you think you can win? Come find out!

Welcome, Contestant(s)!

In order for you to win this game, you need to be familiar with the concept of place value with decimals. As a warm-up, take a moment to review some information.

Download the Place Value with Decimals Game from Downloadable Resources in the right-hand sidebar. Cut out the Place Value Chart (the first page, which is the game board) and the Place Value Numbers.

Now, it's time to sharpen your skills. You can't possibly play this game and win unless your are the BEST at putting numbers with decimals into a Place Value Chart!

When you see a number written in words, you can change it to numerical form with the help of the Place Value Chart. Remember, whenever we see “and,” it means that is the decimal point.

Sixty-six and one-hundred-nine thousandths — put this number into the place value worksheet, placing all numbers into their correct place.

Since the “and” is the decimal point, put that in first:

Place Value Chart - step 1

Now, put the numbers before the decimal point in:

Place Value Chart - step 2

Now, put in the numbers after the decimal point:

Place Value Chart - step 3

Download and complete problems 1-5 on the Words in Decimals worksheet (Downloadable Resources).

Continue on to the Got It? section for more of a workout before the competition begins!

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