What Is an Irregular Verb?

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Using irregular verbs can be tricky, but this lesson will show you how to form irregular verbs on a regular basis! Get ready to run, jump, play online games, and write a story!



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Using index cards, write the following verbs: jump, run, sing, drink. Put the index cards in a small box or basket. Pull out one at a time. Visualize — what do the words look like? Act them out!

Remember, a verb is a word that shows action or a state of being.

Regular verbs are verbs whose past tense is formed when you add -d or -ed.

Irregular verbs are verbs that do not follow the -d or -ed rule when forming the past tense.

Refer back to the verbs you just acted out.

The verb jump is a regular verb, because when you change the verb to past tense, you add -ed. The past tense of jump is jumped.

Now look at the verb run. The past tense of the verb run is ran.

What is the past tense of sing? The past tense of sing is sang.

Look at the chart of irregular verbs below. Do you see a pattern?

Verb Simple Past
bite bit
drive drove
see saw
shake shook
swim swam
write wrote

Can you think of other irregular verbs?

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